Method 1: Our OnlyFans

Method 2Maintain 350 Yummy Tokens to access the SPECIAL MEMBERS AREA

  • No need to keep making purchases! Simply purchase the Yummy tokens 1 time, and as long as the tokens are in your wallet you will have access
  • Includes Free Access To Our Onlyfans as long as your Yummy wallet maintains at least 350 Yummy Tokens
  • Special Videos and NFTs (coming soon) for wallets that have large amounts of Yummy Tokens in their wallet

*Access to the SPECIAL MEMBERS AREA requires a 1 time verification: 

VERIFICATION: Once you have purchased your YUMMY tokens

1) Send 1 Yummy token to our address: 3PE4uKpuew2rF9PoGD8HcPcxKj1gZG1L3pE

2) In the ADD DESCRIPTION option type in your email address. We will then use that email address to send you login information 

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